Recipes for Dad!

Here are the 11 I like best and why:


  1. Savory Oatmeal (roughly Oatmeal with Sauteed Mushrooms, Onion, and Thyme) with kale and an egg on top. And broth.  – yes, it’s mush, but it’s SUCH GOOD MUSh
  2. Green eggs: ends of herbs from fridge… LITERALLY ANY. Here, arugula totally counts as a herb. Put in container with some eggs and maybe a little milk. Puree until green. Pour into hot buttered pan. Scramble or fold or flip like frittata. Serve with aggressive hard cheese (tomme, ramano, parmesan) and maybe asparagus.


2. Brussels sprouts pasta – Fast and easy. Add fake bacon or just salt and smoke water instead of the meat stuff. IT’S EVEN STILL GOOD WITHOUT PARM.

3. Sweet potato chard bake – Not fast, but delicious and rich

MAYBE: Eggplant and mozz bake – orzo is optional; could use anything else. The prep on the eggplant makes it amazingly yummy

4. Farro pesto with asparagus (and green things) – simple and vibrant, inspired by Mikkeller’s Cauliflower Tempura 

Backup 5. Chickpea butter nut squash burgers – plated or for sandwiches

5. Ginger Sweet Potato Balls – plated or for sandwiches

6. Burst Tomato Galette – looks really pretty, could be for lunch or dinner or hors-d’ouvres.

7. Lemon brocollini risotto – super allergy friendly, when you leave out the parm, and do the standard swap out of veggie broth for chicken. I prefer with brocollini over broccoli. Is just better

8. Cabbage Marmalade – this stuff is magic and is so yummy with capers on bread or by itself or on pizza


Apple Celery Salad – something like this, basically an exercise in knife skills.


9. Magic fast pasta sauce: My own recipe: Can of tomatoes, pile of basil, some cloves of garlic, immersion blend. 

9. Fancy slow pasta sauce – smells good, fairly foolproof, very simple, requires minimal garnish.


10. Cardamom ricotta with pear – grilling makes it fancier?


11. Mushroom souped – this is an awesome way to basically just eat mushrooms.

Maybe a serving suggestion for old gorg and spinach?? Mushroom broth with gorgonzola, spinach, and some pasta. WITH ONIONS, DUH.


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